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Oct 8, 2016

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Select Always Activate.

Close the dialog box.

Apr 19, 2021

Tranny Bikini Babe TaniaQ!

Tranny Bikini Babe TaniaQ! He guys its me again with a hot new photo to share with you. I do hope you like it. For obvious reasons I titled it Tranny Bikini Babe TaniaQ! I know that a lot of men like to see a sexy body in a hot little bikini. For some of you guys I happen to have that body. And yes I do actually wear this bikini to the beach. And some times that becomes a problem. 🙂

Imagine me at the beach. Lounging back with my knees up tits up and eyes closed. Something catches my attention and I sit up and look around only to find a hot man staring at me. Then for what ever reason he adjusts his cock in his swim shorts. That right there will cause my cock to stiffen. And in a bikini this small its hard to hide an erection with a cock the size of mine!

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Tranny Bikini Babe

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Apr 17, 2021

High Heels and Tranny Cock.

High Heels and Tranny Cock.

What does one have to do with the other? High Heels and Tranny Cock? Nothing but they look nice when they are both in the same photo. Take a look at my photo below. I was working for a photo guy and he had me on the balcony of his condo. Strangely the way the building is built its easy to see onto each others balcony and there was a guy watching us do the photos. This of course made my cock even harder than it would have been. Especially because the guy could see me very clearly and started wanking while watching.  His cock kept getting stiffer and so did mine until I just needed to cum. My balls hurt so bad watching him.  It was So hot.

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High Heels and Tranny Cock

Also please do me a favor and make comments below. I want to know what you guys think about the color of the swim suit I am wearing in the photos. Personally I think it looks amazing on my skin. Let me know what you think.



Apr 16, 2021

Shaved trans girl cock

Not sure how most of you feel but I can never get enough of a hot shaved trans girl cock. I like them smooth as can be with no hair at all. And shaved all the way around to their ass. Its not hard to do and most of the girls keep it that way. Take a look at TaniaQ as one of those girls. I don’t think she has ever been photoed or video’s with hair. She always has a shaved trans girl cock and its always thick and hard.

So when you are with a trans girl. What do you like. Shaved, trimmed or unshaven and wild? For us, Shaved Trans girl cock is hot. Its smooth to the touche and to the tongue. You can lick it and taste the girls skin. You can stroke it with lotion very nicely and feel it sliding in your hand.

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Shaved trans girl cock

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Apr 15, 2021

Big cock trans girl.

I think that everyone here has come looking for the same basic thing. We all love and want a big cock trans girl and that is exactly what we have in this beauty TaniaQ. She is a big cock trans girl with a killer set of tits. A hot wet and hungry mouth and also a nice tight little trans girl ass hole. She is the perfect girl in many ways and all you need to do is message her. Watch her movies and enjoy her photo sets to get off with her.

Now about this photo set. Tania was wearing this shirt when the photoG picked her up. Its completely transparent when viewed from the front. And that may not be very important until you know that she was standing in front of the busiest shopping mall in the sun and you could see right through it. Tania also had on that short skirt and very high hooker heels. The panties she had on were super tight to hold her cock up and back but they were about to fail.

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Big cock trans girl

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