Jan 30, 2021

TaniaQ flashing cock

TaniaQ flashing cock is nothing new. She almost always has her cock out when she is in public. To most men this idea is super hot and also super sexy!

Just picture this idea! You walk into your favorite restaurant and sit down. You scan the other people in the area and note a petite blonde that is facing you and everyone else. Then you see that she has one high sexy heels and a skirt. If she notices you then there is a 95% chance she will spread her legs and flash her cock right at you. With a demure smile she will then close her legs again to see if you show interest. TaniaQ flashing cock is as much to excite her as it is to excite you!

TaniaQ flashing cock

This photo was taken at a park not far from the city center. Because there is no play area its mostly adult and that means you can find TaniaQ here on a regular basis. She actually has several sets she has taken in this park and they are all hot and flashing!

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Jan 27, 2021

White stockings and tranny cock.

White stockings and tranny cock and oh how you must love this look. TanaiQ loves to wear it and she says that men as for this above all else. The high heels ofcourse helps a lot. But the whtie stockings and tranny cock at the same time is the game changer. Tanaia herself loves the look and also the feel. So when a hot guy asks she jumps at the chance to dress like this for him.

White stockings and tranny cock

There is never enough tranny cock showing so make sure to enjoy this free sample photo. Tania lets it all hang out and as you can see she has plenty of it to hang.

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Jan 24, 2021

Panties Stockings and Heels

Once again I have a hot photo to share with you and I hope you like this one. I know you cant see the heels in this photo but you can in the rest of the samples as well as in the rest of the set. Panties stockings and heels is the name and I called it that again for obvious reasons.

I actually take a dip in the hot tub with this outfit on because I wanted to see how transparent it would get. I think it actually came out pretty sexy. But your going to have to check out the rest of the samples for that or the movie. Either way your going to end up playing with your cock looking at the Panties stockings and heels set. And that’s ok because I am pulling on my cock looking at it as well.

Panties stockings and heels

Oh did you also notice in the photo how my panties look? Thats because I had not tucked my cock back like normal. I just rolled it into the panties and then started posing. It was a lot of fun and I got hard so fast because of that. But its something you need to see for yourself.

Jan 21, 2021

Hard cock blonde trans

Well guys you am back again and that makes me very happy. The good thing is I was planning for this and found you a great photo to enjoy today! Take a look below. I call it Hard Cock Blonde trans and its easy to see why. Yes its me and my cock is once again hard but its only because of thinking about you.

For those that do not know me, my name is TaniaQ. In a lot of my photo and also movie sets I am a hot blonde with a hard cock. But I often appear as a brunette as well. You just need to decide which look you prefer! Me personally being a hard cock blonde trans is the best.

Hard cock blonde trans

I have a lot of photos in this set and yes my cock stays pretty much hard the entire time. Your going to love watching the movie the most tough. Its hot and my cock is throbbing hard and waiting for you!

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Jan 18, 2021

High heels big cock and a sexy outfit.

High heels big cock and a sexy outfit. So which part of this photo is the turn on? For me I would say the high heels. But how about that hot combo of High heels big cock? Without the cock showing is this photo as sexy as the others that you see online?

If you think you can handle me. Get on your knees in front of me right now. Reach up and grab my big cock and start stroking me. But let go of your cock with your other hand. Now caress my feet in my high heels. Once you have done that, move your hand up and slip a finger or three into my ass hole.

High heels big cock

The more you play with my hole the bigger cum load I am going to shoot on your face. So get ready to be creamed.

Yes my lovely man. Stroke your cock as well.

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Jan 12, 2021

TaniaQ anal toy!

TaniaQ anal toy! Thats right guys this is the amazing TaniaQ anal toy show!!! Well not really but I wanted to share this little video clip from a movie in my members area.  I personally feel my movies are hot because I know my cock gets hard and my nipples get tight when I make them for you

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Jan 9, 2021

SheLesbian with TaniaQ!

SheLesbian with TaniaQ! Hey guys its me again TaniaQ and I wanted to share another sample of a photo set and movie that I did. This one is SheLesbian, and as you can see there were 4 of us that night. Naomi chi, Nina StrongHold, and Nikki Montero! And of course myself. It was a cock sucking good time and you will love the movie as much as you love the photo sets.

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Dec 13, 2020

Cosplay Nurse! A hot little outfit for you!

Cosplay Nurse! Check it out guys just a hot little outfit for you! Almost every time I have sex with a new guy, I try to wear some sort of new outfit and this cosplay nurse one is hot. I loved it and was happy when this guy brought it!

So if you are thinking about joining me for some fun I can bring something or you can. But I really dont need another Cosplay nurse outfit so be creative! Also let me know what sort of heels and makeup to wear. And if you also have a preference on hair color, let me know that as well. I love to dress up and do cosplay and all sorts of fun things. I really love to fuck.

When you finally decide to visit with me makre sure you tell me well in advance so I can be ready. I really want to surprise you with something hot and sexy. I also want to have all the right toys and time for you. 🙂 Getting you hard and getting you off is a top priority for me!

Cosplay Nurse

If your sitting there looking at my Cosplay nurse outfit then you also see my regular toy! Do you think its enough? Of do you want a bigger and maybe harder one to play with? Do I get to be on top of do you want me face down and ass up? Leave me notes here so I know and can think about you. Oh it makes me so hot.

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Dec 5, 2020

Big Cock Upskirt Trans!

Big Cock Upskirt Trans! Can you see how fat my cock is now. I think it comes from being sucked a lot. Also from stroking it so much. I am always very horny and need to get off and its one of the reasons I like to wear skirts. I often have on this skirt or similar when I go out. Yes I have to wear the trans girl panties to hide my cock. But the good thing is that with the skirt YOU have easy access. Just approach me and say high. If we hit it off this skirt flips up really easy for access to my cock or my ass hole.

A short skirt allows me to have photos like Big Cock Upskirt Trans! And I adore having upskirt shots taken. Even if you don’t have on a camera I will show you what I have swinging. Come and see for yourself.

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Big cock Upskirt tranny

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Dec 2, 2020

Hard Cock Tranny TaniaQ

Hard Cock Tranny TaniaQ! Hi guys. It is me again your favorite Hard Cock Tranny TaniaQ! And I wanted to show you another video clip of how hard my cock actually gets! I know your going to love touching and playing with it. And you can be sure Im going to play with yours. I love sucking cock and also fucking a guy in his tight ass. If you love getting off as much as I do then I a sure we are going to get along amazingly well.

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Hard Cock Tranny

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Nov 30, 2020

SheLesbian foursome action! Have you seen this?

SheLesbian foursome action! Have you seen this? These hot and amazing SheLesbians are ready! Are you? Check out this SheLesbian foursome action right now. They are from left to right. Naomi chi, Nikki Montero, Nina StrongHold and on her knees, me! TaniaQ.

If you have not yet seen this photo set or watched the movies. You need to right now so you don’t miss out. Watching all four of us shelesbians getting naked! You know you want to join us for this cock party. Its a trans cock party that you wont soon forget.

SheLesbian foursome action

Just imagine all that trans cock in you face. Or maybe you want all four of those cocks in your ass? No matter what these SheLesbians will help you get off like never before!

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Nov 24, 2020

Tranny Orgy! TaniaQ, Nina StrongHold, Nikki Montero and Naomi Chi!

Tranny Orgy! TaniaQ, Nina StrongHold, Nikki Montero and Naomi Chi! So who else would love to have a tranny orgy? If you could get your hands on me, also Nina and Nikki and maybe Naomi, would you dive in cock first? Maybe you would like us lined up behind you to pound you ass in a train! Well we would love to do it with you. To give you a taste we have this photo set and also the video to go along with it. Its wrapped up nice and neat in my members area.

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Tranny Orgy

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