Jan 25, 2022

Small black panties

When it comes to small black panties. Or any color for that matter. It seems that the trans girls wear the smallest ones. And there is a lot of irony behind that because their cock is so much bigger than a girls clit. But the trans girls have the small black panties that are so sexy you cant wait to rip them off.

You know by seeing them that the panties can not contain her cock. So when you reach down and caress the front of them. You instantly feel her cock start to stiffen and get hard and ready for action. Depending on how the girl is sitting or standing it can get uncomfortable and you will want to get that cock free of those small black panties really fast. That way it can stand our strong, hard and proud and wait for you to give it the love she wants.

Click on this image below to see how hot TaniaQ is with her black panties. And also how good her cock looks inside of them!

Small black panties

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