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Aug 25, 2021


OK so no this is not a traditional upskirt photo. In fact that is not even a skirt. But it serves our purpose on many levels so that is what we are going to talk about right now. And this is kind of hot once you engage your brain and your cock at the same time.

In this Upskirt photo we have TaniaQ actually wearing a piece of lingerie. But its hot and kind of looks like a very small dress. So lets go with that! The idea is not to see what is up under her skirt. But to imagine it. Of course I am going to give you a little help because I know what is in the next photos. Now, close your eyes. Think about her from her feet up. She has on high heels. Her legs are long and have a fair amount of muscle. They are firm and tan. Let your thoughts go up and as they do they brush the skirt.

As the skirt flips up just a little you get a peek of Tania’s tight little ass. You can see a perfectly shaped ass cheek. Round, tan and very firm. Your mind reaches up a mental hand to caress her ass. As your mental hand goes up, the front of her skirt flips up. Hanging there is 9 inches of a fat cock. Its not hard yet but has started to thicken. The head beginning to swell. Can you see this in your mind?


Then click on the image right now to see exactly that!