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Feb 7, 2021

TaniaQ Tranny Cock! Time to play guys!

TaniaQ Tranny Cock! Imagine guys that it is time to play! So I am here in a sexy little skirt and I am thinking about how much fun it would be to play with you. As you can see I am also showing you the TaniaQ Tranny Cock!  Or maybe you would rather play with me. I have a nice hard tranny cock and I love having guys service me!

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TaniaQ Tranny Cock

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Feb 2, 2021

Sexy Tranny Panties on TaniaQ!

Sexy Tranny Panties on TaniaQ! Wow. How much do I love sexy tranny panties? So much I wear three or four different ones every day. I love to get them as gifts and also to buy them myself.

So if your looking for a hot gift for me or a sexy tranny of your choice panties is the way to go. Do make sure and ask her the best size as her cock can effect it. Mine does! 🙂

As a matter of fact, the panties that you see me in below were a gift. And I love how shiny they are. They make a nice impression when I wear them under a short skirt. Because as the skirt bounces, you can clearly see the bright purple. I have actually had a few men comment on them.  So the next time you see me in the mall, take a close look and see if I have these on or another pair. If you cant tell, buy me a new pair and I will change right in front of you!

Sexy Tranny Panties

The sexy tranny panties you see me in here were a gift from ” Ron ” Thanks and also thanks for the new boots!

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Jan 30, 2021

TaniaQ flashing cock

TaniaQ flashing cock is nothing new. She almost always has her cock out when she is in public. To most men this idea is super hot and also super sexy!

Just picture this idea! You walk into your favorite restaurant and sit down. You scan the other people in the area and note a petite blonde that is facing you and everyone else. Then you see that she has one high sexy heels and a skirt. If she notices you then there is a 95% chance she will spread her legs and flash her cock right at you. With a demure smile she will then close her legs again to see if you show interest. TaniaQ flashing cock is as much to excite her as it is to excite you!

TaniaQ flashing cock

This photo was taken at a park not far from the city center. Because there is no play area its mostly adult and that means you can find TaniaQ here on a regular basis. She actually has several sets she has taken in this park and they are all hot and flashing!

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Jan 27, 2021

White stockings and tranny cock.

White stockings and tranny cock and oh how you must love this look. TanaiQ loves to wear it and she says that men as for this above all else. The high heels ofcourse helps a lot. But the whtie stockings and tranny cock at the same time is the game changer. Tanaia herself loves the look and also the feel. So when a hot guy asks she jumps at the chance to dress like this for him.

White stockings and tranny cock

There is never enough tranny cock showing so make sure to enjoy this free sample photo. Tania lets it all hang out and as you can see she has plenty of it to hang.

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